5 Min Stream of Consciousness

The following stream I have broken up into a prose but if put all

together it would look like a long, continuous single sentence paragraph.

This stream is as I wrote it with all its grammatical naughties and no-nos.

But I did correct misspelled words

The new lines are not random in choice but are my choice. I imagine the

others might have made other choices.


Look blankly at my bed

a pillow of ages

rests my head

the tower of my unconscious

waiting to call me into my dreams

of flavors undiscovered

beyond the reach of time

into the void

where true nature drops its bouncing balls

and we follow the maze of unfettered thoughts

and visions to no end

only confusion surrounds us wearily

from end to end

in the web of the dream catcher

trying to field thoughts

slippery and stale

sifted and drifting

into the thoughts of days

and weeks we toil to save our souls

from their separation from our bodies

only to find that there is a delight to behold

as we look down upon or up

at our flesh

our bones seep

slowly rotting into the earth

from whence life sprung

and bound us to this hell on earth

their love is never died

only their flesh has left us

for they are always with us

in the passion of our heart

the joy of our songs

the words in our minds

the love in our souls.

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