Plain Me

I guess this is where I share a little about myself.  Well …. I am a child of the sixties and my era of growing up was the seventies.

Now in my more mature years I have become an expat, transplant or immigrant. I was born in California but since 2005 have resided in the UK. First in the county of Somerset and now in the county of South Yorkshire.

My loves and pleasures are many.

Cooking is a passionate challenge I take on at least once a day (the otherhalf likes to eat) in one way or another.  Trying new things is always a bonus. Still haven’t achieved meringues but I have made cheese (rennet and non culture) and regularly make feta. Ethiopian / Eritrean food is a recent discovery and it is amazing.  Baking is bliss. Cakes, breads, cookies, biscuits, puddings – nothing is safe from my attempts and an afternoon baking is pure Zen until it is time to clean up.

Reading and writing. These two are like two fingers on the same hand. I have dabbled in writing since I leaned to make simple poems in grade school. Nothing serious just little stories until 2011 when I entered and achieved my first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge.  Planning to share some of my stories poems and excerpts from novels here on my page. Have I published? A couple little articles but I would otherwise say – No. Do I plan to publish? – would like to but that is something in the future – so maybe. If you enjoy them please let me know.

Painting – Arts and Crafts. Another Zen place to be for me. Will be liking up my Tumblr page at some point and that is where I will be sharing some of my art and creatures.

Gardening. Vegetable gardening to be exact. I like cooking and love having ingredients straight from the garden. My  garden is my refuge, my sanctuary. One of my favorite all consuming scents is that of fresh dug earth. I hold over from when I was a child and went out with my dad into the fields (he was an irrigation specialist). It is like fresh ground coffee or fresh baked bread – Lovely. As I write this, spring is nary a few weeks away and the planning has started soon to follow with the planting.

Other loves and pleasures include (but not limited to because there is so much in life to love): Cycling, Swimming, Traveling, Suduko, Brainteasers, Math puzzles, Puzzles of all kinds, Upcycling, Recycling, Steampunk, Imagining, Thinking and just plain Daydreaming (when I can steal a moment).

So there is a little bit about me. Hope you have a wonderful day.