Frau Totty Knochenspiel Stories

Frau Totty has a long and interesting life to share. Stories behind many of those special things she has have come to her first hand from the very sources of their creation, through word of mouth such as folktales and legends and some she has experienced herself. She will post stories as she finishes them.

Oblivia – The Story of Death’s New Helper – Part 1

Death was feeling exhausted. Between the plagues and the great London fire he had missed his nap and chose an impromptu place in an alley to one. Oblivia was escaping London to find her extended family. Tired she found an old robe, the blackest of black, to hide in while she slept ….



Oblivia Part 2





The Hand of Glory – How Little Rabbit changed the future.

The Seculars and The Non-Seculars had a beef with each other. Many battles had been fought to a tie. Who would have known that this was to be the last battle and a little rabbit would help decide their fate.

White Rooster Foot – Not all animal familiars are the same. This large white rooster is in a class of his own when it comes to taking care of his own.

White Rooster Foot Part 2