3min Stream of Consciousness

Stream of consciousness writing is nothing more than clearing a space setting a timer and writing – without stopping, without punctuation and often without much sense or subject matter.

The following stream I have broken up into a prose but if put all together it would look like a long, continuous single sentence paragraph. The new lines are not random in choice but are my choice. I imagine the others might have made other choices.


3 Minute Stream of Consciousness

There is no looking in a black hole
or beyond the face of death
the all ending
or is it that we have not had anyone come back
because of the pleasure and wonder
if we can take a tour of the midnight moon
away with lifeless
wonder to and fro
within our dreams of a better world
of non-dystopia
in the face of long lost lovers
of souls past the final light
in the tunnel we travel
lighting our life on the walls
of a house of horror
precious to our happiness
for without pain
we would not know the pleasure
of talking walking through life
with love.

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