Think it Forward – Prose

Is not a thought a miniscule point of energy

with which we collide with billions in our life

sending as many or more ourselves.

To imagine a thought like a particle floating in the air.

It is thick with them but we cannot see them with our eyes.

We move through them like moving through water.

We cannot feel them when we collide with them,

but we gather their energy.

When the thought is a thought by many,

we get a cascade of that thought in the thousands.

Then, just out of the blue we have a blip,

a spark and we think that thought too.

Like tens or hundreds or thousands already have.

We have no concept of why we thought it,

or what might have triggered it,

or whence it came but it did.

That thought must be worth thinking.

For hundreds and thousands have thought it also,

and we have felt the spark, absorbed the energy.

Was it meant just for us or did our thought add to its power.

The power of negative thought is not the strength of positive thought.

Smile and think something lovely send it out into the universe.

Let them gather, build an army of happy little particle thoughts.

As they collide with others,

let them add to the joviality of it.

Give that happy thought even more energy

do not drain the energy without adding to it

Send out that idea in every direction.

‘Something good is going to happen today,’

and who so ever bumps into your thought –

let them think it forward!


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