The Blanket

Come on lets go see that house that caught fire.” Johanna said pulling Lisa out the door. “Poppa we are going outside to play.” She called out. If anyone of the girls could sniff out something to do that was out of the ordinary and sometimes got her sisters into trouble, it was Johanna. Dora… Read More The Blanket

The Commute

(This is a short piece written in 2002. I still remember this moment on this day although most of the thousands of miles I commuted over those years barely fire off a synapsis these days. Days like this one left imprints.  Word Count 700) I pulled out of the parking lot and headed over the railroad… Read More The Commute

The Bowman

The Bowman It was his excellence and ability, Which drew her into his ranks. The tension both light and firm His touch erotic, in its strength. Tender and gentle in its pull, Wanting in its release. Her tension grew steadily with The drawing of his beast For her, the time had finally come. The silence as… Read More The Bowman

Going Home

500 words “It’s raining now.”   She whispered to the empty room. She listened, as the rain fell against the glass of the hospital window. Smiling memories of playing, dancing and walking in the rain, flooded her thoughts, her eyes closed against the starkness of her room. The machines clicked and beeped quietly around her but… Read More Going Home