Two Legs or Four

DSC_1016 (2)    Short Fiction – 563 words


“Two legs or four?”

“Think I will take four, two just wasn’t enough for me last time. Besides, with four you get a better selection to try.”

“No Wait.”


“Over there.”

“Nice choice, thanks for pointing them out.”

“Look there, that is a nice set. Getting to those first will be a challenge.”

“They always set loose such a nice selection, don’t they?”

“Well it took a little work but wasn’t all that hard from what I understand.”


“You know that little planet, I think they call it Earth?”

“Yea, sure.”

“Well while the Caydiers were searching for a supply planet for their hunts they came across this planet Earth. This is a slightly backward civilization; wars, disease, hunger and over population are a big threat. After a little investigation they discovered that the greatest power called the ‘Us’ had this creed it had long lived by … ‘give us your poor tired and hungry….’ ”

“I read about that somewhere. Go on.”

“Well anyway they did a little planning and because of the hunger problem that existed in all the power populations there, they knew if they could convince the biggest, the Us, the rest would follow.”

“That is the way with these young worlds.”

“Well, the Caydiers went to the ‘Us’ and showed them how their galaxy needed inhabitants to settle some of their more hospitable planets and the ones in charge of the Us fell for it like molites to a drulm storm. The Caydiers drew up what the ‘Us’ called a treaty, same as a contract to you and I, that would send volunteers to far away planets to settle them.”

“You mean they did it without having to give verification to the us?”

“No, the Us was very adamant about knowing their citizens were well placed so the Caydiers set up a false settlement, took a few pictures to be used and adjusted over time and every time a new batch is collected … well they take a few more pictures.”

“Wow how long before the rest followed the Us of Earth.”

“This is the funny part it happened before the first hunt of the Earth prey was organized here. The rest were clamoring to send theirs out too.”

The two hunters looked down upon the scattering fear gripped herds of two and four-legged prey.

“So Gl’csy’u’te, I meant to ask you the last time we hunted … which ones are the Earthers and which are the heard beasts?”

“You’re not going to believe this Ocy’ta’ce”, Gl’csy’u’te was laughing so hard he could hardly form the tele-ported thoughts.

“It’s the two legged ones.”

“Look how they huddle together and scream.” Ocy’ta’ce joined in the laughter. “At least the four legged ones run.”

“The Caydiers did them a favor you know. They don’t have to worry about the staggering number of hungry anymore on Earth. After the first few collections they began to send out their forgotten and starving.”

“How long before you think they figure it out.”

“With the way the Caydiers have them played. I would guess it will be centuries in their time which accounts for the amount of time it will take for me and Ja’yat’um to have children’s children to enjoy.”

“Ready to give chase. The two legged will run if you chase them.”

“Well then what are we standing up here for?”

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