Writer’s Runes – The First Aett

I am no expert on the Runes but I am an admirer of the Northern Traditions. I wrote this to use with a set of rune stones to challenge my writing.  Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions and/or improvements.

The Writer’s Runes – The First Aett

_FEHUFEHU Cattle was to the people of the north, their wealth, achievement, dreams, desires and job. Let my words flow knowing that my house and all that concerns it is in order. Fehu you are my first rune, you are all that is home and hearth. It is my job and my business to make sure all is in order. Business must be in order and safe for the beginning of my journey as a writer.

Considerations: Are you ready for your journey? Will or is you home being neglected as you journey with your writing. Double check that all is ready or that you are not neglecting that which makes your journey a comfortable one. Perhaps a visit is being called for, a short break to reconnect with your safe haven so that you know all is where it needs to be. Address whatever may be jeopardizing your safe haven.

  • Writers Journey:
  • Write ten opening lines for the same story. Start a journal starting with your ideal job or dream business.
  • Once a day write a paragraph about your home hearth.
  • In a page or less describe what your perfect writing place is or would be if you could write anywhere.


_URUSURUZ The Aurochs The hunters hearts desire. Fill my desire and passions to spill forth into my words and story. Share with me your energy and vitality, instill in me the instinct to become the writer that rests in my heart.

Considerations: This is about the hunt, the one that propels you from just writing to writing something worth reading (from boy to man). From taking a raw first draft and turning it to polished masterpiece – editing or perhaps there is a raw seed of an idea that needs to be scribbled down for later reference, a character needing to be painted in words. Uruz is here to tell you there is a hunt on your horizon it is an Auroch (achievement waiting for you to find it).

  • Writer’s Journey:
  • Write three different setting you would like to see a story pass through or take place. In each setting use one paragraph to describe the time or era, another paragraph for the surrounding – building, trees, oceans and a third for a character trivial or main.
  • Write of a rite of passage or change of mind or realization that you were now an adult.

_NAUTHURISAZ The Giant One. You may block my way. You are here for me to learn a lesson. To feel the pain that hard work and failure may inflict. You teach me to look inside myself and focus, teach me to discipline myself and expand my knowledge. I am listening.

Considerations: No pain no gain. Is there something which is blocking your path. Is time against you – get up a little earlier, turn off your favorite TV program. If the words are not coming write your pain down. There is a lesson in the pain you are feeling. Find it and write it out of your way.

  • Writer’s Journey:
  • Share a painful event and how you (as one of your characters) dealt with it or still needs to. What benefits may have followed if any or how you feel it may never move on.

_ANSANSUZ The Leader Odin With your wisdom and insight I will learn to balance my life with my mind and body. Balanced I will enhance my ability to divine the stories, bring them forth and share them with the world.

Considerations: There must be with every writer a balance between living in the stories and living in reality. Is Ansuz calling you to put down your pen and take a walk, paint a picture, go to a museum. Your story needs balance too. If all the characters live happily ever after and face no barriers, struggles, or strife how will your reader identify with them. Are your characters lacking the emotions your readers search for even those who must be strong and in charge.

  • Writer’s Journey:
  • Describe an authority figure from your past. Someone who you may or may not have had a choice of whether or not you had to listen to what they say or were told to do. Balance their power over you with the knowledge of a more humorous or human side, a secret side. A private side that dissipates their power and makes you realize they are no more powerful than you.


RAIDO The Journey. Short and long you are the aid I need to make my journey through life safely. Help me find the roads I desire to follow as the writer within me journeys and fulfills my soul’s goal. May my fate be in safe hands and the Norns my guides

Considerations: The Norns or fates govern our journey through life but we do have a say. Raido is about the journey and the hundreds of small, medium and large intersections we face day to day, month to month, year to year. Has your story plan begun to crumble has your hero or heroin screaming to turn from good to bad, run instead of walk, save instead of destroy. Even the best made outline can scramble. When you start the journey of writing a story whether you have planned or will pants it all the way, remember that there is always room for a detour or a bridge, a mountain or a lake to appear. Put your words in the hands of your heart and the Norns.

  • Writer’s Journey:
  • Write a page of your perfect journey through one leg or to final destination of being a writer. Be as specific as you can. Name titles, characters, genres, successes failures. How many words a day, would you hire an editor, who would you want to beta read. Sign and date it and seal it in an envelope. Write on the front when next you want to read it again. One year, Five years and put it away.


KENAZ  The Light. Light my way when my path darkens, show me the ways to inspiration and bring forth the creativity which flows around me and in me. Help my writing, my stories and my words to shine.

Considerations: Have you been neglecting to write down ideas when they come to you. Light is the energy the fire behind creation. Those ideas are only embers in your creativity. Do not let them go out or lost like ash to the winds from neglect. You may be busy in another project when they come but write them down and promise you will visit them again soon when you have finished.

  • Writer’s Journey:
  • Take a character from a story or real life and drop them into a world strange to them. Describe what changes they will need to make to adjust to this new situation.
  • Create a tree of decisions. Trunk, two main branches and three branches leading from each. Describe briefly what the character will face with the first two choices and then again at the next three if they should decide to choose one of them.

_GEBGEBO The Gift The gift of good fortune and generosity. Rather than seek it for myself help show me the ways in which I can bestow it on others and the means to help me do it. Keep the goodwill in my heart for all and the undeserving.

Considerations: Have you been neglecting to return phone calls or turning down invitations? On the other side of the coin have you been paying to much time to your social schedule and not enough to your chosen writing path? Both these are for consideration here. You must not neglect your social nature but neither shall you use it to hide away from your calling to write. There is no greater gift than the giving of one’s time and friendship. It is a gift of great respect and can be given graciously by even the most humble.

  • Writer’s Journey:
  • Describe in detail how you would use the money from a big jackpot. How much would it be? Where would you invest and how? Would you become a philanthropist, start a writing retreat, buy each of your children a house or business. What charities would you give to and why those particular ones.


WUNJO The Glory. You will be with me to shine with my success. I am counting on you to push me forward to complete my task of sharing my stories to the best of my ability. The best of my ability will give my stories what they need to succeed. It is within me.

Considerations: Have you had a recent success – finished a first draft and are ready to celebrate. Celebrate but with the knowledge that this success is just a stepping stone, an allusion to a greater success. When you have finished editing you will have another success. As well as when you have submitted it to an agent or decided to publish it yourself. All are successes. Wunjo is the glory of winning the battle but not the war. Afford your successes with small rewards, stand up stretch accept the applause. And ready yourself to get buckled back in for the next leg of your journey, your next battle.

  • Writer’s Journey:
  • Write a synopsis for a story you haven’t written. If you like writing romance – pick a crime thriller. If your passion is horror – pick mainstream fiction.
  • Write a synopsis for a story you would never have chosen to write and a cover to an agent you will not send. Hand it to a confidant and ask them if they would read this book or even publish it.


I will in the near future post the Second and Third Aett

Copyright Georgina Mueller


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