Vulturous Purple

Ah, there is nothing more interesting than doing (and reading) a stream of conscious five or ten minute write.  Not all turn out interesting and you can sway the subject matter but if you are true to the stream it will be strange if not bizarre. Try one and enjoy. Remember the idea is to let your conscious ramble in its broken bit way. there is no sentences or punctuation it just flows as one big long sentence.

Vulturous Purple

I went to the park and took a bench to quench my pens lust for a page of woe to my heart and my mind found a fresh start on the whirls of ink on paper of love lyrics I wrote for darkness fell over the light of my eyes did not see the vulture preying to get closer to my shoulders drooped the despair they did not wrought on any passersby thru my clichés from movies where butterflies cry out as I did at the gnarly black bird settled in for a moment of silence clicks into my mind as he flew past the soft into the hard black core the apple of life with strychnine seeds of death it gave to me and my thoughts turned black with lack of love sought on dreams of pending gloom it with me a vulturous void of impenetrable cold come hither it spoke already cross that on it was as close as I got to this languid pool of mist deep in the caverns of death rode up to me and took my hand we discussed what of life I would bring to the table of friends and neighbors weary of etiquette desire colored purple surrounded my pet and I got closer and smiled.

March 2004


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