Pen Names

There was a darker mood in my life and what I wrote in that time reflected this.

During this time I wrote much of this under a pen name. A well thought out pen name. Emma describes itself as `of the world` and Tenebrae is a Latin word that translates as – darkness, shadows, dark mists, etc. So my pen name Emma Tenebrae can be described as of the world of darkness or world of dark mists.

The stories in this section of the blog are from those times. They say when you write, write what you know. I prefer to see it as exploit what, who and where you know. I have done this and still do. I have known the essence of evil and I have met those with angelic qualities. I have seen the normal, the abnormal, the sane and the insane. Bits and bobs from my world blends into my writing and where there is as void I venture a guess to fill it.

So in the following submissions (or any of my posts) enjoy, ponder, question and deduce whatever your heart desires. Where I can I will make comments about its historical qualities or lack of them. Sometimes it is a dream that sparks an idea that leads to a what if. Sometimes it is an event in my life or a person who I have known or read about. Life and imagination make great bedfellows.


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